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  •  Network Power Supplies

  • Conformal Coating

  • ATEX, IECEx & Class 1 Div 2

  • DC/DC Converters

  • 24V Protection Modules

  • DC-UPS Systems

  • Redundancy Modules

  • Buffer Modules



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Why Choose PULS?

High Efficiencies

High efficiency ratings mean lower heat generated in control enclosures.  The life of electronic components degrades with high temperature exposure.  Increase the life of your control components by decreasing their heat exposure.  Lower energy consumption means lower energy costs for the end user.

Long Life of Product Families

PULS maintains existing designs and does not phase out or obsolete standard products.  Eliminate forced changes in customer designs due to obsolescence.  Availability you can depend on for many years.

Quality and Lifetime of Product

Longest lifetime in the industry.  PULS does not cut cost by using sub-par components. 

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Small footprings and low heat generation allow for smaller enclosures.  Long service life reduces replacement costs.  Less energy consumed to produce the same power.

Product Documentation and Testing

Extensive datasheets available for all products with test data you can rely on.  PULS publishes data and test results that other companies won't.  Compare our datasheets to your current supplier.

DC Is What We Do

DC power products is our ONLY business.  PULS is a market education and training leader.  Many companies sell power supplies, but


Extensive datasheets available for all products with test data you can rely on.  PULS publishes data and test results that other companies won't. 

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PULS Product Offerings

DC Power Supplies

Single and 3-phase power supplies.  Premium features available such as high effeciencies, low inrush current, active power factor correction, reserve power, DC OK relay indication, NEC Class 2, Class 1 Div. 2,  parallel capability, high MTBF, extreme temperature ratings, and some of the smallest footprints in the industry.


Redundancy Modules and Power Supplies

PULS offers 1+1 redundancy and N+1 redundancy solutions that will help you prevent downtime.

Conformal Coated

Acrylic varnish coating holds components in to place.  Provides protecton from thermal shock, dust and contaminations shock and vibration.

Network Power Supplies

DeviceNet and AS-Interface network power supplies.


Power supplies for potentialy explosive atmospheres.

DC/DC Converters & DC Input

DC to DC converters with input ranges from 8.4Vdc to 840Vdc and output voltages from 4.5Vdc to 56Vdc.

24Vdc Protection Modules

PISA modules fill two basic functions.  First, they distribute a large power over four lower current output channels.  Second, they isolate your circuits to ensure your 24Vdc supply never falls below 21Vdc when issues such as shorts, overloads, or high capacitive startups occur.  Protect your PLC and other sensitive controls from field wiring disasters with PISA protection modules from PULS.

Buffer Modules

Ride through those brownouts with buffer modules from PULS

DC-UPS Systems

Keep your system up and running with PULS DC backup systems.

Mounting Kits

Wall mount and side mount bracket kits.

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