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Time of Flight Sensor from Sensopart

Precise measurement and reliable detection of any objects at

longer distances, with ambient light or against highly reflective

backgrounds – these are typical requirements in factory

automation. Conventional proximity sensors rapidly come up

against their limits under these conditions, particularly when

distances of well over a meter are involved.

Light time-of-flight measurement is the solution for such demanding

automation tasks. SensoPart was one of the pioneers

of this sensor principle, now improved in sensors of the FT55

series. In a very compact housing (50 x 50 x 23 mm³) these

light time-of-flight sensors offer excellent performance data

that has previously only been available in considerably larger

sizes: long ranges and scanning distances of up to 5 m on light

objects or 3 m on very dark objects, measurement accuracy

in the millimetre range, and cycle frequencies of up to 500 Hz

for rapid processes.

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