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2nd Generation RGB Color Sensor FT 25-C

Introducing the 2nd generation FT 25-C RGB color sensor.

FT 25-C Sensopart RGB Color Sensor

The FT 25-C is not only one of the smallest on the market, but also one of the fastest with a switching frequency of up to 10kHz making it fast enough for the most rapid printed mark applications.

  • One of the smallest cubic color sensors on the market at 34 x 20 x 12mm.

  • High switching frequency with 2,5 or 10 kHz for fast applications.

  • Scanning distance of 12 +/-3mm.

  • Teach-in modes with ‘fine, medium, coarse’ color selectivity enable precise adjustments to applications.

  • Detection of any color in the visible spectrum including "non-colors", e. g. black, white and grey.

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