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New Redundancy Modules Now in Stock

Here is the latest New Product release information from PULS:

The YR20.246 is a redundancy module, which can be used to build 1+1 redundant systems. It is equipped with two input channels, which can be connected to power supplies with up to 12A output current and one output, which can carry nominal currents up to 24A. Compared to the standard version YR20.242, the YR20.246 is featured with an automated load sharing between the connected power supplies. The YR20.246 monitors the function of the redundancy circuitry and provides a signal in case of too high of output current, which could prevent redundancy, if one power supply fails. The redundancy utilizes MOSFETs instead of diodes for the decoupling of the two input channels. This reduces the heat generation and the voltage drop between input and output. The redundancy module does not require an additional auxiliary voltage. Due to the low power losses, the unit is very slender and only requires 32mm width on the DIN-rail. Large connection terminals allow for a safe and fast installation. The large international approval package makes this unit suitable for nearly every application.

For more information, Click the link below:

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