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Do you need to add eyes to your Universal Robot System?

Robots are assisting human colleagues in more and more production tasks. To be able to respond to changing situations, such as varying part shapes or collection positions, with similar flexibility, robots require reliable information on the environment, and in a format that they understand. The new VISOR® Robotic from SensoPart converts data and supplies all information in robot coordinates for immediate use by the robot systems

Picking up components

Feeding systems in a production line are becoming increasigly versatile – in addition to universal trays, components can be supplied with utmost flexibility using hopper feeders. Thanks to the VISOR® Robotic, components can be reliably located and gripped with both feed options. When loose components are supplied, the sensor not only checks their position but also inspects the free space around the gripper. The VISOR® determines both sets of information and sends them to the robot controller via one of the integrated and standardized process interfaces. The process is managed on the basis of this information – the object is gripped or the feeder is triggered. The application can also be flexibly adapted to individual goods carriers without the need for a costly centering device. The VISOR® detects the position and the fill level of the tray and transmits this information to the robot. If the camera is mounted in a stationary manner, this is cycle time-neutral.

Placing parts

What happens after components have been reliably collected by the gripper? The VISOR® Robotic also supplies important information for the next work steps, and demonstrates its skills in robot-controlled applications, such as the placing of screws, the mounting of clips or the application of glue. The detection of component positions is carried out effortlessly; this allows the correction of any offset and increases the quality of production. Knowledge of the exact position of a component ensures, for example, the precise insertion of a windscreen. Mechanical effort is reduced, and the production line becomes even more flexible. The VISOR® Robotic concept enables direct communication between the VISOR® and the robot, an additional instance is no longer necessary for many applications.

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