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AS-i and IO-Link – A perfect pair on the field level

Looking for an easy way to incorporate intelligent IO-Link sensors into your PLC ? Especially in exactly the location where they are needed ? Then use the IO-Link Masters from Bihl+Wiedemann. Both systems supplement each other ideally: IO-Link with its point-to-point wiring and AS-i as an installation system. Configuration and sensor replacement made easy Configuring the IO-Link sensors is really simple – either from the PLC to the sensor, or directly in ASIMON360. And sensors can be replaced with no need for cumbersome parameter downloading, since the sensor data are stored directly in the IO-Link Master.

Advantages of the ASi / IO Link Combination:

• Optimal granularity – IO-Link Masters can be installed and easily retrofitted right there where they are needed

• Free topology choice

• Reduced cabling efforts and expense, since all the data are on a single (AS-i) cable – data from standard sensors, intelligent sensors and safety devices

• Comprehensive machine diagnostics is available – for all higher automation levels and Industry 4.0 applications

• The integrated OPC UA server allows AS-i masters to provide the process and diagnostics data in structured form and regardless of the controller brand

For more information, contact DC Controls or click on the link below:

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