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Factory Automation


Automation technologies are constantly changing.  We help our customers adapt to the latest in factory automation solutions to achieve greater quality, productivity, and profitability.

All too often automation is associated with replacing human labor, but the topic is far more complex.

Greater Quality


Lets face it, many processes are vulnerable to human error.  With properly specified inspection systems, component and process quality can be monitored and data can be collected for later analysis.  Tedious inspection processes can be performed by machines, freeing up human labor for more critical process management tasks.

Increased Productivity


Proper implementation of automation technology is critical for smooth process flow.  Preventing system down time is every bit as important as system speed.  Quick and efficient transition from one process to the next and minimizing system failure is crucial.

Increased Profitability


Component cost and speed of production are not the only factors in profitability.  Some products are worthy of greater upfront investment to achieve a final lowest cost of ownership.  Are there hidden costs in your system or process?  Could thinking outside of the box in one area of your business create greater profitability in another area?

Make DC Controls Your Automation Partner!

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