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AS interface Making Automation Simpler

What is AS-Interface?

Data and power through a single cable

The abbreviation AS-i stands for Actuator-Sensor Interface. This interface connects the modules in the lowest process level in automation systems with each other. The usual cable trees are replaced here by a single electrical cable – the AS-i cable. This cable carries both data and power. The four AS-i components Leading manufacturers around the world support this simple wiring system. It consists of four components: the master, the slaves, a power supply and the yellow AS-i cable. Each slave has a unique address assigned to it which the master uses to exchange in- and output data. Insulation penetration technology means the modules can be quickly and easily attached or moved on the AS-i cable. Quickly identify and fix errors Diagnostics units or masters with built-in diagnostic functions make troubleshooting easier. Failed slaves can be quickly identified, replaced and automatically re-addressed by the master. An all-round good idea In short: AS-i is a system requiring little installation and maintenance effort, saving time and money. Additionally it is one of the simplest field busses, making its handling possible without specialized knowledge.

DC Controls is here to answer all your questions about AS-interface and provide the best in AS-interface products from Bihl+Wiedemann.

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