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Save Panel Space and Wiring time with TWO Timers in ONE Package!!

• Two programming modes: “Smart” mode via smartphone with NFC communication or “Classic” mode via the joystick

• Wide backlit display for easy reading of all information during the programming phase and during normal operation

• Flexibility: it’s possible to create new specific functions, mixing the 25 available functions on each channel

• High precision and possibility of choice in time set-up: - Time units; 0.1 seconds, seconds, minutes, hours - Set-time to 4 digits, anywhere between 000.1 second and 9999 hours

• Large display allows easy viewing: set time, current time, timing in progress, input command state, output state

• 1 SPDT (16 A) output contact for each timer.

For more information contact DC Controls or click on the link below:

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