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FT 55 Color Sensor - Now With Gloss Suppression

Introducing the latest of our FT 55-CM color sensors - The new FT 55-CM-1 Gloss Suppression!

The FT 55-CM-1 is designed for applications involving glossy objects with tilted or structured surfaces. Need to detect color characteristics on tilted glossy surfaces? What about detecting tapes or foils on a glossy surface? Sensopart now has the only color sensor of its class with Gloss Suppression.


  • Intelligent color detection, regardless of distance.

  • Economical through multiple storable colors or jobs.

  • Dependable switching behavior through reliable glare suppression.

  • Intuitive sensor setup with integrated LCD display.

  • Digital color value output using IO-Link.

FT 55-CM-1-PNSDL-L5M Specs:

Metal Color Sensor w/Gloss Suppression. 32mm, 7 colors, 3PNP/NPN, IP67/69, display, M12 5-in Plug.

For more details contact DC Controls or visit the link below:

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