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Are Power Losses Ruining Your Day? How About an Easy Answer...

DC-UPS with batteries

For the installation of a DC-UPS system three essential elements are necessary: a power supply, a DC-UPS and a battery. The DC-UPS is responsible for monitoring and charging the battery, as well as controlling the seamless transition between normal and buffer mode.

The advantages of the PULS DC-UPS are:

  • Highest system availability even in the event of mains failure

  • 1-Battery-Concept: each battery is individually charged and monitored, which avoids the need for matched batteries

  • Easy and self-explanatory plug and play

  • Optimised battery management system for longest battery life

  • 22.5-26V adjustable output voltage in buffer mode for the UB20

  • Adjustable maximum buffer time to protect the battery

For more information: contact DC Controls or click the link below:

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