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FT 55-CM The Full Spectrum Color Sensor

The FT 55-CM is an intelligent color sensor that can distinguish up to twelve colors. It offers a wide operating range, combined with its flexible color detection. It also has reliable brightness detection regardless of distance. Color sensors usually struggle with the fact that object brightness is evaluated differently according to distance. SensoPart has solved this issue with patent-pending distance correction technology. This enables consistent brightness evaluation across an operating range up to 65mm, guaranteeing stable processes, even when objects are not supplied in the correct position.

The FT 55-CM is equipped with an IO-Link interface. Allowing for fast and user friendly communication for setup and switching between different sensor configurations. You can also output color value via IO-Link.

Overview of Software Functions

Sensor Modes:

  • Color Mode - Inspection and evaluation of colors. This mode checks whether a taught color is available within given tolerance.

  • Best Fit - Sorting and assignment of colors. This mode requires the teach-in of at least 2 colors. The sensor then decides which of the two is the closes to the color currently viewed.


  • Tolerances - 9-level tolerance ratings

  • Brightness detection speed - Adjustable speed and averaging rate.

  • Link or exclude colors

Smart Functions:

  • Counter

  • Delay

  • One Shot

  • Autodetect / PNP/NPN

Inputs & Outputs:

  • Trigger

  • IO-Link

  • Binary Output

For more information or a product demo contact DC Controls

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