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New 8 × M8 housing – Offers many connections in a small space

Do you need to connect more sensors and actuators for certain applications? But haven't had sufficient space? Just use the new modules from Bihl & Wiedemann in the 8 × M8 housing with IP67 protection! Eight digital inputs on a 45 mm × 80 mm panel – twice as many as our small 4 × M12 modules.

Another advantage of our newly developed, compact housing family: you can directly connect sensors and actuators to M8 plugs without the need for M12 adapters.

The simple installation and wiring which is typical of AS-i is also ensured with the new 8 × M8 modules.

Features of the new 8 x M8 modules with IP67 protection:

AS-i digital input module in IP67

•8 × 3-pole M8 sockets, 8 digital inputs

•Compact form factor (45 mm × 80 mm), same as our compact 4 × M12 modules

•AS-i connection using flat cable and piercing technique

•Input voltage/sensor power supplied by AS-i 2

•AB slaves

For more information, contact DC Controls or click on the link below:

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