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Speak the same language as robots!

SensoPart has added a robotics specialist to its VISOR® series of vision sensors. Thanks to a URCap software package, the new VISOR® Robotic can communicate directly with Universal Robot (UR) systems. This simplifies the configuration of automation tasks, in particular, with the aid of prepared application routines.

Robots are assisting human colleagues in more and more production tasks. To be able to respond to changing situations, such as varying part shapes or collection positions, with similar flexibility, robots require reliable information on the environment, and in a format that they understand. The new VISOR® Robotic from SensoPart converts data and supplies all information in robot coordinates for immediate use by the robot systems. This is achieved through one-time calibration using the calibration plates available as accessories, or with the aid of a point-pair list. The task is also facilitated by additional functions, such as Z offset correction, gripper point adjustment and a check of available space around the gripper arm. Complex programming in the robot control system is no longer necessary.

Use the link below for more information:

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