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Available in Polyester or Stainless Steel 316 with Added Features

IDEM's Standard Duty Emergency Stop models benefit from IDEM's pursuit to provide the end user with the Next Generation of Safety Switches. Although appearing similar to other models on the market the added benefits include the following:

  • DOUBLE SEAL LID GASKET which ensures the closest fit possible.

  • SPECIAL SAFETY TRIP MECHANISM - if attempts are made to remove the lid the safety contacts will open.

  • MIRROR POLISHED FINISH on the Stainless Steel 316 ES-SS making it the perfect E-Stop for use in areas where hygiene is high on the risk assessment.

  • BUTTON PROTECTION SHROUD available on the ES-SS(P) allows a padlock to be inserted to enable "Lock Off" in maintenance situations.

  • STAINLESS STEEL 316 GLAND available, specially manufactured by IDEM to ensure the tightest of fits for conduits.

  • REPLACEABLE CONTACT BLOCKS - all with brass screws.

Polyester bodies are IP67 rated whilst all Stainless Steel 316 models provide the end user with IP69K ingress protection. All models have been designed to provide robust emergency stop protection for machines or external conveyors and and are suitable for virtually all applications. The Stainless Steel models are particularly suited to areas where high press wash down with detergent at high temperature is a requirement. All of the above models can be ordered with a choice of either 2NC 1NO or alternatively 3NC contacts.

For more information contact DC Controls or click on the link below.

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