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Industrial Thermocouples

Durex Industries manufactures reliable and robust industrial thermocouples. Thermocouples provide fast temperature response which can be applied in most temperature measurement and control applications and are a cost-effective solution. A thermocouple junction is a single point junction between two dissimilar metals. This junction creates a known millivolt level signal that changes as the process temperature increases or decreases. The millivolt signal is used as the temperature measurement input to a temperature controller. Depending on an application's process temperature range, accuracy specifications, and material compatibility, thermocouples are available in Type E, Type J, Type K, Type R, Type S, Type T and other dissimilar metals. Durex Industries manufactures thermocouples that can be designed with grounded or ungrounded junctions and housed in insulated sheath materials that are designed for best form fit in the applications.Understanding the application's temperature and accuracy performance specifications, material compatibility, dimensional, and environmental conditions are critical to successfully selecting and designing a temperature sensor solution. Many applications require special quality validation, testing, and certifications. Durex Industries is prepared to provide the best thermocouple temperature sensor solutions.

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